Christmas Eve – This Friday

So Christmas Eve is just a few days away.  Today, I want to ask a very specific question…

Who could you contact today to invite to come with you to our Christmas Eve service?

We're passionate about inviting friends for at least two reasons:

1.  People who don't normally attend church are very open to attending a Christmas eve service.  Often all they need is an invitation.

2.  You are already inviting people…and their reactions have been so encouraging.  Some of you have seen friends get baptized or begin Starting Point.  We also get the privilege of seeing people's reaction to Sunday morning through their responses on our Welcome Card.  In November alone, over 30 families filled out welcome cards at our campuses.  We always ask them “What stood out to you most on your first visit to Connexus?”  Here's a sampling of responses:

  • “Music”
  • “The message was (helpful) to both my daughter and myself”
  • “The music and the message”
  • “The people”
  • “Friendly”
  • “All about relationships – so refreshing to have that!”
  • “Easy to follow”
  • “How much sense it makes”

I think we tend to underestimate the positive impact an invitation can have on people.

So why not invite someone to come with you?  We made more room this year – we have five services on Friday, December 24th…Christmas Eve!  Details are here.

Thanks for investing in lives in a way that has the potential to change things forever!

– Carey


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