Can You Party as a Christian? Can You Apologize?

Some of you have been waiting for an apology from a church leader for years. That day rolls around Sunday at our Orillia campus.  If you have a friend who has been hurt by the church (or hurt by us), you might want to bring them with you this weekend.

In Barrie, we'll tackle the question of what the church looks like, and even study Jesus' party habits.  A lot of people think that church is boring – that you give up joy and freedom when you become a Christian.  Well, fasten your seat belts and join us for an exploration of church Jesus' style.  You might be surprised.

Two really quick updates:

  • Funday Sunday.  Do you know that over 250 children under the age of 10 joined us for Funday Sunday?  Incredible.  If your kids invited friends, call them up and bring them back with you this weekend.  Waumba Land and Upstreet are always great places for a child to learn about a Heavenly Father who loves them.  And we share that message in a fun and engaging environment.
  • Group Link.  Barrie, tonight's your night!  Get to Group Link at 7 at the Holiday Inn off Essa and the 400 tonight to get connected in community.  Details are here.  Orillia, your turn comes next Friday, September 30th.  Don't miss it!

Anyway, looking forward to connecting this weekend.  Here are the details!

Orillia Campus | Church Not My Thing

Part Two:  Church Gone Bad :: Carey Nieuwhof

TV preachers. Corruption. The Crusades. The church has made a lot of mistakes in its time.  Why would anyone even be interested in such a flawed institution? Why not just fold it up? We’ll tackle your questions about the flawed nature of the church head on this week.

8:30 & 10:00 a.m.  Galaxy Cinema Orillia (Children's Environments @ 10am)


Barrie Campus | Church Not My Thing

Part Three:  Party Like Jesus :: Carey Nieuwhof

What’s the church supposed to be?  The church Jesus led looks a lot different than many churches today.  In fact, it was scandalous.  People who were nothing like Jesus liked Jesus.  The movement he started grew rapidly and became especially popular among people who didn’t like church.

8:30 & 10:00 a.m.  Galaxy Cinema Barrie

Looking forward to an incredible weekend!
– Carey


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