Can We Connect?

It's one the basic realities of being human – we long to really connect with other people.  In our marriages, at work, with our kids, with friends.

But one of the questions that keeps surfacing among many of us is how do I connect at church? We sit in rows Sunday, but something inside of us longs to connect in a more meaningful way.  But how?

Coffee after the service on Sunday barely scratches the surface.  And even serving connects us in some ways, but not in others.

One of the most important moves you can make in your spiritual journey is to move from a row to a circle. You do that when you connect in a smaller group setting.  At Connexus, we have two primary ways you can connect:

  • Starting Point – an environment where you can learn more about the biblical story and find your place in it.
  • Community Groups – gatherings where 6-12 people come together mid week to connect relationally, apply the bible to their lives and pray together.

When you get into community, you discover what so many others have discovered:  that life is better lived in circles.  Rows have a purpose (we'll share that in a few weeks), but circles have a power all to themselves.

We'd love for you to connect in a circle this month.  As I shared Sunday as part of our Four Things series, I just think you're going to grow spiritually when you connect to community.  If you missed the message or want to share it with a friend, you can watch it online now.

To register for Starting Point, click here.  Or click here to sign up for Group Link.

If you're not in a circle, what are you waiting for?

– Carey



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