Beyond the Yearbook: Our Parent & Small Group Leader Experience

At Connexus we look at the following 3 relationships as keys to helping students grow a faith of their own that lasts “beyond the yearbook” and into their adult years.

  • A relationship with a parent who does their best to model a growing relationship with Jesus
  • A relationship with another adult leader in their life saying the same thing a good Christian parent would say
  • Relationships with other students running in a positive spiritual direction

In addition to their individual influence, when these relationships work together, they create an incredible opportunity for God to work and create life change.

On occasion, we think it’s time for parents and small group leaders within our student ministry to get in the same room to get to know each other better, to learn together, and most importantly, to grow their partnership together.  We do all of this through our parent and small group leader experiences—which also happen to be a lot of fun!

This coming October 3rd in Orillia and 4th in Barrie we’ll be doing just that.  If you have a son or daughter in middle school (Transit) or high school (InsideOut) we would love to see you there.  Details below.

October 3rd Orillia Campus @Mariposa Best Western (400 Memorial Ave)

October 4th Barrie Campus @Unity High School (25 Burton Ave)


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