2 fun ways to be FOR your neighbours this week!

Sometimes, getting to know our neighbours or inviting our friends to Connexus can seem daunting. We’re here to help!

This week marks 2 easy ways that you could leverage Halloween to start relationships with people around you who need to know that God is FOR them.


Sit at the end of your driveway on October 31st

Halloween Night is a great opportunity to get to know the people in your neighbourhoods.

We recognize that some of you may give out candy at your home on halloween. This can be a great opportunity to meet your neighbours. Put on some warm clothes, sit at the end of the driveway, and you’ll meet more neighbours than ever before. Even better, serve coffee or hot chocolate for parents as you meet each other.

For many of us, this may be one of the few times through the year when the people in your neighbourhoods go beyond their yard, their garage, or their driveway. Maybe for you, this is the only night throughout the entire year when a neighbour will walk up to your house, and ring your doorbell!

Invite a family to UpStreet’s Mega Awesome Costume Party

Most kids (and their parents!) are looking for a second opportunity to wear their costume this season. Who doesn’t like to dress up?

On Sunday, October 28th UpStreet is hosting a crazy fun morning of costumes, games, and prizes, all designed with the intention that people would use this as an opportunity to bring a family to Connexus with them, maybe even for the first time! Click here for the details to share with the families you're inviting.

As you make your plans for the upcoming weekend, consider asking God who he has in mind for you to invite. Pray for the opportunity to extend the invitation, and take a leap of faith when the opportunity is given to you!

We’re looking forward to seeing who you bring to Connexus on Sunday. Who knows what stories God will start because of your intentionality.


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