Be Rich 2014 Totals Are In! (And Did You Catch This Video?)

Well Connexus, thanks for being rich once again this year. Rich in giving. Rich in good deeds.

Today we announced the totals for our 2014 Be Rich initiative—a chance for all of us to be rich in good deeds as we give back to our community.

You did it…you gave, served, donated and extended a hand to those most in need in our community.

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The Totals

This year you gave

$25,000 in donations to Be Rich Partners

710 Hygiene kits to kids in need around the world

4905 lbs of food.

1752 hours of service.


Our team added another $10,000 from your regular Sunday giving to see that our local partners (The Barrie Food Bank, David Busby Street Centre, Lighthouse Christian Men's Shelter and Salvation Army Orillia) a total of $35,000 between them. Amazing!

It's Part of Something Bigger

Here's a video showing not just the impact you had, but our collective impact as we partnered with over 20 other North Point partners and campuses to make an impact found around the world.

[tentblogger-youtube 7SKp6XFmmLs]

Love your generous heart. Our best and boldest moments are ahead!



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  1. Marion says, December 15, 2014 at 2:49 pm

    What a great job and all for the Glory of God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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