Automate What’s Important this Summer

It's exciting to hear of family after family that are understanding the importance of automating what's important.  Many Connexus families are taking vacations they saved for this year – paying for the whole thing with cash.  On the one hand, that only makes sense.  But so few people do it because they don't know how.

The method is simple once you understand it: automate what's important.  Every time you get paid, have automatic withdrawals made for things like your retirement savings, children's education, your next car, and even your summer vacation.  So we're celebrating with you on those victories.  It's all part of our Thrive initiative – living with margin and living on mission.

Did you know you can also automate your giving?

Here's why it's so important to automate your giving.  Often you mean to give, but you ended up being away, forgetting to hit the ATM before church or you forgot your cheque book.  Your intention doesn't become reality.  Automatic giving changes that.  What you hoped for will always be what you do.

Watch this short video for more details and then click on this link to sign up.

It only takes three minutes to sign up for online giving at Connexus Church. Just click here.

I want to thank in advance all of you who will decide to automate your giving this summer.  You know what you're doing right?  You're taking another important step to living on mission, and you're helping us lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  That will make this a fantastic summer.  Thank you!

– Carey



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