Applying What We’ve Learned

You've heard us say it before, but we really value it when people apply what they've heard in a message.  After all, information itself is of limited value.  I know lots of things that have made zero impact on my life or made others' lives better. 

The value is not in information alone – it's in application.  When we apply what we know, we grow. 

That's why we're so excited by this story.  Don attends our Barrie Campus.  He loved Dave Ramsey's series, Life, Money, Hope that we ran last November at our campuses.  It was all about managing money God's way.  On Sunday, Don told me he has been applying what he's heard from the last six months. It's made a huge difference.

Ready for the results?

In six months, he's cut up six credit cards, paid off $8020 in debt.  He has saved an emergency fund of $1195.  That's the first time in his life he's ever had an emergency fund.  AND, he did all this in the midst of a 30% drop in income.   He was off work for three month with a broken back. 

All I can say is WOW!  Don, so thankful for the turnaround financially.  It enables both responsibility and generosity.  Awesome!

How about others?  Have you benefited from this series or others lately?  In what ways?  So far in 2010, we've talked about making five key personal changes (180), marriage (iMarriage), why God says no, work, and judgment.  

What are you applying in your life?  Anything that's stopping you from making direct application?  Anything we could do to help with that?


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