A Christmas Opportunity

So December is busy, isn't it?  I agree!

Want to hear something surprising?  Church attendance actually drops a bit in the weeks leading up to Christmas.  Maybe it's understandable given all the things you're trying to cram in prior to December 24th.  But to miss church this month would be to miss an incredible opportunity.

We've got some incredible services planned (as, we hope, usual), but don't miss this:  people who might never say yes to attending church at other times in the year are more open to it right now than ever before.  Why not decide to put first things first, call a friend and invite them Sunday? You  never know whose life will be changed.

Here's what's in the queue for this week at Connexus ::

This week we wrap up Hotseat at our Barrie Campus. Join us as we examine ::

Part Five: Why Is the Old Testament God So Mad? :: Carey Nieuwhof
Wars. Famine. Earth quakes that swallowed people alive. The Old Testament is filled with examples of a God that seems, well, mad. How can this be the same God who says he loved the world enough to save it? It's a great question.

Service times 8.30 & 10 AM | Barrie Galaxy Cinema's | 72 Commerce Park Drive, Barrie


In Orillia we're talking about ::

Hotseat | Part Four:  Why is it so Difficult for Gays and Lesbians in the Church? :: Carey Nieuwhof
The church has been a difficult environment for gays and lesbians over the years. Why is that?  How can gays and lesbians find their place in the church today?  Is there a place?  Join us as we discuss one of the defining issues in our culture today.

Service times 8.30 & 10.00 AM | Orillia Galaxy Cinema's | 865 West Ridge Blvd, Orillia (Children's Programs @ 10 AM)


Thrive Christmas

You can help others Thrive this Christmas.  Join in on Sunday, December 18th as we bring a special Christmas offering for our local ministry partners and to help plant other churches unchurched people love to attend.  Take some time to pray about your gift this week.  You can get more information or even given on line here.

Christmas Services | Saturday, December 24th

Don't miss Christmas Eve at Connexus Church!


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