5 Ways To Make Easter Weekend More Meaningful

Easter Is Coming - Who Can You Invite?

As you likely know, the most powerful commemoration of God's love we share as Christians is almost here.  Good Friday services are tomorrow, and Easter Sunday is this weekend!

I hope these will be an incredibly meaningful time for you and your family and friends. We'd love to help with that. 

Good Friday and Easter Sunday are amazing opportunities for you, your family and friends to experience the depth of God's incredible love for you and for the world.

Good Friday – 10:00 a.m. Barrie and Orillia :: His Scars Tell Your Story
Jesus death on the cross was exceptional from so many perspectives. He was sinless. He went willingly. And he suffered terribly at the hands of his crucifiers. But his scars tell more than his story. They tell your story. When you see how his scars tell your story, you might never respond to the cross the same way again.  Child care for ages birth – Grade 5. 

Easter Sunday – 8:30 and 10:00 a.m. Barrie and Orillia :: Back For You
The central message of Christianity is that Jesus came back to life after he died. But the resurrection was much more than a historical event or a doctrine to be believed. It was personal. How would you respond if you knew that Jesus didn’t just come back, he came back for you? Waumba Land, Upstreet and Transit are available as usual on a Sunday.

My prayer is that you get to experience the power of Good Friday and Easter even beyond a church service.

So here are five ways to make Easter weekend more meaningful

1.  Set Time Aside for Personal Reflection. Busyness is the enemy of intimacy. If you want to grow in your relationship with Christ, take even 30 minutes to go for a walk, sit in a quiet place, pray or do whatever you need to do to get away from the busyness. If you're a single parent, ask a friend or family member to give you 30 minutes alone and offer to do the same for them by watching their kids. Spend that time with your Heavenly Father. He loves you.

2.  Personally Engage Scripture.  Reading the Bible outside of church can make such a huge difference. Here are the scriptures we'll be using this weekend at Connexus:

Good Friday :: Isaiah 53: 2-12

Easter Sunday :: Matthew 28: 1-10; 16-20

3.  Invite Your Friends and Family. Easter is one of the best times to invite people who don't normally attend church. It will make the services and your personal celebration more meaningful. You can use this e-vite. Or, of course, give them a call, text them or invite them in person.

4. Celebrate as a Family. If you move to celebration and remembrance of the weekend beyond chocolate bunnies (not that chocolate bunnies are a bad thing), you will help create a deeper integration of your faith with your life. Read a scripture passage after dinner. Pray together. Talk to your kids about the real meaning of Good Friday and Easter. Talk to each other about it.

5. Join us for a Brand new Spiritual Journey – Your Next 40 Days.  The power of Good Friday and Easter doesn't end Easter Sunday. We want to explore what that means for everyone – skeptics, new believers and mature Christians. So…every day for 40 days during the Afterlife series at Connexus Church, we’ll send a short devotion your way via the Connexus blog, app, Facebook page or twitter account. It’s all designed to help you explore what it means to:

Belong – Because you can belong before you believe.

Believe – Because those who belong often start to believe.

Become – Because everyone who believes can become someone new.

Join us for a few minutes each day for 40 Days. Because when Jesus came back, he came back for you.

I hope these help make this Easter weekend (and the 40 days after it) more personally meaningful for you and your family.

See you Friday and Sunday.  We have so much to remember and celebrate together!

– Carey


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