5 Reasons You Should Stop Attending our 10 a.m. Service

Make The Move

Okay…maybe the title is a bit over the top. We love having you as part of Connexus.

But we have a problem and I hope you can help us solve it.

We're too full. (And that's awesome!)

You've been praying more boldly, inviting more boldly and giving more boldly than ever, and it's having an impact. As you've seen in all the baptisms recently, people are coming to faith.

This has been an incredible summer at Connexus. We've seen full houses at the 10 a.m. service in July and August in both Barrie and Orillia.  And our pre-school environment has been at capacity multiple times at both locations this summer too.

We anticipate more growth this fall, and the easiest way to accommodate it is for you and your family to make the move to 8:30.

Why would you do that? Well, here are 5 reasons why 8:30 could be a great move:

1. You'll make room for new people to move into a growing relationship with Jesus. The reality is unchurched people are more likely to show up at 10:00 than at 8:30, and when you move to 8:30 you free up room for them when they're most likely to attend. Connexus has always had a sacrificial spirit: since day one, we've been about creating a church that unchurched people love to attend. By moving to 8:30, you reflect who we, at heart, are.

2. The 8:30 service is exactly like the 10:00. Sometimes it's even better. Starting this September, Waumba Land and Upstreet, our kids ministry from birth – Grade 5, will be offered at both services at both location. That's right – family ministry is being offered at 8:30 AND 10 starting next month. So your kids are covered and loved whenever you show up. The only difference is that Transit (for grades 6-8) is only offered at 10:00 at each campus.

3. Your kids benefit when when you commit to attending the same service each weekend. While the experience is the same for you as an adult whether you attend at 8:30 or 10, that's not true for your kids. Because different small group leaders serve at different services, your child only gets a consistent voice and strong relationship when they attend the same service every week. So start the fall at 8:30 and let your son or daughter build a strong relationship with their new group and group leader.

4. Early birds get the worm. Studies show that being a morning person can make you thinner, happier and healthier or even richer (I'm not making this up). But all that aside (those are not the most important things anyway), getting up in the morning can help you get a jump on your day. Not a morning person? In this blog post, Michael Hyatt shows you how you can become one.

5. You could get some free surprises.  We'll be doing some neat promotions and bonuses for families that make the move to 8:30. Don't miss September for a few of these surprises.

So…will you make the move with us to 8:30 this September?

When you do, you're not only making room for new people, but you just might be doing you and your family a favour!

It's going to be a fantastic fall at Connexus Church. Thanks for helping us create a church unchurched people love to attend!

– Carey


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