#5 Guatemala Compassion Trip (March 9th-17th)

Our team of InsideOut students and leaders are leaving in only 13 days for Antigua Guatemala to serve the people of Guatemala over their March break!!! Here are a few more members of the team! Thank you for your support!

City: Oro Medonte
Favourite Subject: Co-op or English
Outside of school: I help out at church with younger children and at Guthrie Public School with the Senior Kindergartens and Gr. 1.  I do this because I love working with children and I would like to be a teacher in the future.
One random fact about me: I have danced since I was 4 and a half.
What do you like most about InsideOut? I like all the people there they are so nice and I can talk about what is bothering me or anything at all and know it won't be told to anyone else.
What do you hope God does in your life on this trip? I hope he can show me how much I have and make me want to give even more to others.

Tim Berezny (Leader)
City: Barrie
Favorite Subject: Physics … And Economics
What Do You spend Time Doing & Why: With my amazing 1 year old son and my wife, because they are amazing.

Random Fact: Snakes don't have armpits, but I do.
What do you like about Inside Out? Being open and honest.
What do you hope God does in your life on this trip? Grows my heart and awareness about the needs I can contribute to in this world.


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