3 Ways To Make Your Words Matter Today

We all speak words to those around us every day, but do you spend much time thinking about those words? The words and tone you share with…

…your friends

…your spouse 

…your kids

…your parents

…how about the cashier at the drive-thru or the service agent on the phone? (too close?:)

 Here’s what comes to light when I audit my words:

My words are the most significant part of being a good dad, husband, pastor, leader, and friend.  I don’t pay enough attention to what comes out of my mouth, and I'd guess that you may not either.

I’m often more critical than I think, more sarcastic than I think, and less uplifting than I think. Does this sound familiar to you?

It doesn't have to end there. The good news is you can lift people more than you think, encourage people more than you think, and lead people better than you think.

Bottom line: Words are power! You just have to choose how you use them.

Here are 3 quick hacks to change how you use your words today.

  1. Intentionally Choose To Speak Life To One Person In Your Family I think a big part of using the power of our words well is to be intentional about them. But where do you start? My suggestion is to pick one person in your family, maybe your spouse, a parent, or one of your kids, and speak life into them once a day for a week.  Thank them, encourage them, tell them the good things that you see or how God is working in their life. It can be big or small, but it speaks life and love. It’s amazing how it can become so life-giving to you that you’ll want to speak life into other people around you.
  2. Put Your Sarcasm Radar on at the Dinner Table Sarcasm is a family killer. I used to love sarcasm as a type of humour. If I’m honest, there’s part of me that still enjoys it. However, I’m starting to change my mind. While people don’t admit it, sarcasm can create a culture of accepted belittling – specifically at home. Pay attention when you are around your kids or your spouse, starting with at the dinner table. Are you creating a culture of support and fun or a culture of fun at other people’s expense?
  3. Text 3 people to encourage them right now…I mean right now. A few years ago I did an experiment. I texted or emailed 3 people a day to thank and encourage them in how they are helping our church reach people. I did it every day for a month. Honestly, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. It was fun, it was intentional, and it was amazing to see the power it had in lifting them up. So I dare you…right now…text 3 people in your life a genuine word of encouragement. You’ll be amazed to see what happens and how it becomes a habit.

There’s so much more we can learn about the power of our words.

This week at Connexus we kick off a brand new series with Andy Stanley called “Me And My Big Mouth” and we are going to look in-depth at what scripture has to say about what comes out of our mouths. I think it’s going to change you, and I think it’s such a great series to invite a friend to – why not send them a text now? When we give God permission into how we speak, he changes our hearts and we speak life – that makes us a gift to the people around us. See you at 9:00 & 10:30 on Sunday!


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