3 Tools To Help You Find Freedom From Pornography

On Sunday Carey shared about the importance of blocking toxic things out of your life.  Why is this so important? 

Because what you allow into you deeply shapes what flows out of you. 

It was a powerful morning in all of our locations as we were able to pray for people who are taking steps to block all types of toxic things from their lives and move to a new day of freedom in Christ. If you missed the message, be sure to check it out here.

A portion of the morning was dedicated to the issue of pornography. Why? Carey shared that Psychology Today cites 98% of men and 73% of women have sought out pornography in the last 6 months.

One rich part of the morning was a conversation with Anton Lim who shared authentically about the destructive influence of pornography and how to find freedom. It was insightful and helpful to so many. As a follow up to that conversation, we wanted to provide you with some resources to help you or others find freedom from pornography – some of these were referred to by Anton on Sunday. 

Setting Captives Free is a course that Anton shared was very helpful to him. The course is free and they connect you with a mentor who walks with you as you complete the lessons. 

Good Pictures Bad Pictures JR/SR is a children’s book and plan to teach your young child how to protect themselves and respond is they see pornography. It’s a really helpful tool to help parents begin a conversation with their kids about pornography.

X3watch and Covenant Eyes are both accountability apps for all devices that help you to quit pornography by sharing any questionable internet browsing with an accountability partner. They are resources that have helped many people begin their journey in beating porn.

We’re praying for all of those who are choosing to block something toxic from their life this week. As we move through Psalm 101 in this series, feel free to take some time to read it today 

Next Sunday we'll have a conversation about toxic people. Can you actually delete people from your life? Are people actually toxic? It’s going to be a great conversation.


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