City Council Update – 20 Mills Road

All I can say is thank you to the over 200 people who joined us at Barrie City Hall last night for the public meeting and to everyone who prayed for last night. Wow! Both campuses were very well represented as we gathered to talk to City Council about the proposed permanent facility for Connexus at 20 Mills Road.

Here's a recap of some moments and takeaways:

  • The sea of blue (same shirts as our Guest Services team wears) was inspiring to see!  It made one person say it looks like he was at a Jay's game.
  • Mayor Jeff Lehman and Barrie council were very gracious in the way they heard and received our application.
  • Because the application was so very technical in nature (zoning changes), we were extremely grateful to have Nicola Mitchinson of Mitchinson and Associates make the bulk of our presentation.  She did a great job!
  • I loved Council member Peter Silviera's question about how we set up church in a theater on two campuses every Sunday.  Gave me a chance to marvel once again at our incredible volunteers!
  • It was personally encouraging to me and our team to see so many of you out and to hear from many who couldn't make it but were praying.  Thank you.  Just thank you!

At this point the application is properly in the hands of the City of Barrie.  We can keep praying and they will be processing it.  We should start to hear back in mid-June as to its status.  We will keep you posted.

Thank you to the whole team who made this process possible.  And thank you to each of you who who continue to serve, give and invite your friends.

It's wonderful to be in this together.

– Carey

PS.  Keep inviting your friends.  Week after week we're seeing more people at both of our campuses. God continues to change lives, even as we ‘wait' on all this.


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  1. Sabine says, April 24, 2012 at 10:49 am

    Hi Carey

    We are praying here in Switzerland for you as well!

    Greetings, Sabine

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