Thank You

I think we have a fantastic group of people who make Connexus what it is.  Last week was a week to remember for me. 

  • Our Heart Break project already has had more impact on the lives of our congregation than I imagined.  People talked about how they met God in fresh ways.  Some of that is on the blog (you should read the comments).  And I had conversation after conversation over the weekend with people who prayed and gave things up and met God in new ways.  Can there be a downside to that? I love that two cities were prayed for, that 2000 families were invited to church (keep praying) and that the cities were blanketed in prayer in unique ways.
  • Our weekend services went really well.  We have been working closely with our volunteers to get ready for our first Sunday "back" this fall.  Our teams were fantastic in being there early and providing a great environment for people.  I love how our team really get that when someone comes through the door for the first time, there's a ton at stake.  Lots of fresh faces yesterday plus the return of many we've missed over the summer. Some notes:
    • We ran out of programmes and went through 27 newcomer gift bags in Barrie alone.
    • Waumba Land was busting with babies at 10:00.
    • People were moved by God in deep ways.  Rich had some good prayer time with people after both services in Barrie.  I continue to be amazed at how many people with little church background are showing up, and how that is genuinely enthusing so many of us who already follow Jesus.
    • I thought our music teams did a great job.  Heard Orillia sounded fantastic and I thought our team outdid Timbaland in Barrie.  Okay, maybe I'm biased.
    • 7/490 opened with a really fresh angle.  I love the radicality of Jesus message (at its heart, it is offensive and troublesome) and am excited that we'll be hanging out in this series for a month.

Excited for the rest of the month and the fall.  Thanks to our teams and to all who prayed fervently over the summer and into the fall for God to move. Can't wait to see what stories Jesus will write in all of our lives.

What have been your experiences so far into these early days of being "back"?


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