Celebrating Some of the Black Voices Pointing us to Encounter God in a Personal Way

Black History Month is an opportunity to celebrate the voices of Black leaders who have made a difference.  For those of us who consider ourselves followers of Jesus, this can be a great chance to spend extra time learning from Black pastors, teachers, and authors who are influential in pointing people to Jesus and helping…

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3 Things We Learned From The Marriage Course As Newlyweds

married couple

Deciding to take a marriage course as newlyweds may sound a bit backwards. What issues do you really have to work through so early on? What tests has your relationship truly faced?  Last year, my husband Joel and I decided to take part in The Marriage Course that Connexus Church was offering online. We not…

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Why Your Relationship Needs A Way Out Of The Fight Cycle

relationship communication fight cycle

When you notice that your car is making a new noise, do you drive directly to the mechanic or leave it for a few weeks to see if it goes away?  What about when you start to feel new pain or symptoms in your body? Do you go to the doctor to get it checked…

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The Unexpected Upside of Joining an Online Group

Written by Lisa Craig, a volunteer Group Leader at Connexus Church. Before we joined our first Small Group, my husband and I attended Connexus for many years. We had volunteered on and off, but mostly, we were driving a half-hour to church on Sunday, enjoying the sermon, and going home. It felt very disconnected, and…

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How You Can Connect and Grow In A Disconnected 2022

Well, 2022 feels a bit like deja vu in some ways: case counts, uncertainty, restrictions—lots of unknown and even isolation. So what are you going to do differently the second time around? I mean intentionally.  It’s so easy to let seasons like this happen to you rather than be proactive. Netflix calls, scrolling happens, the…

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3 Fun Ways to be FOR Your Neighbourhood This Halloween

There’s no doubt that this Halloween will look a little different than it has in years past. But as you see more and more of our regular activities return to schedules, it’s exciting to think about the opportunities to connect with our neighbours in unique and meaningful ways. This year, given the uniqueness of the…

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Orillia Relaunching! Our Movie Theatre Experience

Church Orillia

We’re relaunching our in-person experience in Orillia this fall. It’s going to be great to have an in-person opportunity to invite friends and connect in community in the Orillia area. This relaunch season will have a few bumps as we get our legs under us, but it’s exciting to be moving ahead. We’re looking forward…

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4 Things To Say To Your Kids In the First Month of School

Getting ready for back to school in a typical year often brings up all kinds of emotions, and you know this isn’t a typical year.  It brings up emotions not just for you but for your kids … and often they’re big emotions too! As a parent, it can be hard to know how to…

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Want to Hear From God? (Try This)

man listening to God's voice in solitude

One of the greatest challenges people have (not just Christians … pretty much everybody) is how to hear from God. What if you only hear silence? And even if you sense something, how do you know it’s actually God? There are different ways that people hear from God, but chief among them is through scripture.…

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How Do You Respond When Injustice and Racism Seem Overwhelming?

You’ve likely followed the recent news story of the remains of 215 Indigenous children found at a former residential school in Kamloops, BC.  This week I spent a few minutes reflecting at the temporary memorial in downtown Barrie. It was moving to see family after family from our community come with their arms around each…

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