Why do we need to talk about racism now?

One of the things that’s a core part of our church is the idea of being FOR people. It’s our desire to be Jesus to the people around us, in our neighbourhoods, in our communities and in our cities. People won’t know Jesus is for them until they know that we’re for them, so we…

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The Latest Update: Connexus Will Be Expanding Online, In-Person Groups and More …

If you followed the news on Monday, you saw that our province has announced it is moving to the next phase of reopening and has given churches permission to open their buildings to 30% capacity. This is positive news as it shows good progress in our province. So the question is, what will we do…

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How you can volunteer to help someone today

hello text message from volunteerduring pandemic

It’s a privilege to have you as a part of what God is doing in our church. In the midst of this crisis, lives are being changed.  pandemic volunteer I also know that you want to help. Maybe you would typically volunteer at a Connexus location as a part of your week, and you are…

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When Will You Be Able to Attend Connexus In-Person Again?

So here’s the big question you might be asking: when will Connexus open its facilities again?  Great question! And if you’ve been paying attention to the news, you may have seen a number of editorials and stories about when houses of worship can gather again. Just a quick reminder that right now, gatherings are restricted…

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Coping with Isolation and Anxiety during COVID-19

anxious man sitting in isolation alone

Honest question, how are you coping with being isolated at home? I know here that some days are better than others, and you know what? That’s perfectly ok. This week, we sat down with Registered Psychotherapist, Em Dyson, and Coach and Counsellor, Jordan Mason, to talk about mental health struggles in COVID-19. If you missed…

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Want to Hear From God? (Try This)

man listening to God's voice in solitude

One of the greatest challenges people have (not just Christians … pretty much everybody) is how to hear from God. What if you only hear silence? And even if you sense something, how do you know it’s actually God? There are different ways that people hear from God, but chief among them is through scripture.…

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What are Some Good Bible Reading Plans?

man reading a bible and making notes

If you have ever thought about reading your Bible, you’ve probably discovered the YouVersion Bible App for reading plans. But where do you start?

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Helpful Resources for Parenting in Quarantine

parent comforting child in isolated wood trail

Parenting in quarantine? Who would’ve thought that would be a thing we needed a guide to? Not us. Well, COVID-19 has certainly brought some unique challenges for families. If you’re a parent, you’re now finding yourself trying to educate, navigate extra screen time, find space for conversations, work from home while they’re home and make…

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How Our Young Family is Finding Solitude in the Chaos

young family finding solitude on a trail in the woods

Hearing from God starts with making listening a priority. To listen clearly, we need to find solitude in the chaos of family life. In a message Jordan (my husband) and I were listening to this week, we were challenged to do the following three things:  Find a whispering spot. List the voices in your life…

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5 Ways You Can Volunteer At Connexus Now

It’s incredible to see how God is using our church. God is changing lives and people are being drawn to Him. We continue to see growth across our Church with a record 12,500 views on Easter Sunday alone. Thousands more will connect through the week.  I know that as you hear that you get excited…

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