3 Ways You Can Get the Most Out Of The Problem of Jesus series

At Connexus, we genuinely believe that nothing and no one changes lives like Jesus. We also know that you, your friends, and your neighbours are in different places on the journey of figuring that out. It’s that way for all of us, including me. You also know that Jesus is someone that our culture wrestles…

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A 5-Day Easter Devotional Day 5: Are You Living Like It’s Saturday?

By Carey Nieuwhof, Founding Pastor Sometimes when you look at your life or at the world, you might be tempted to think God really has no idea how terrible things can be. That’s why today matters so much. This is the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter—the day between Jesus’ death and resurrection. Saturday must…

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A 5-Day Easter Devotional Good Friday: When It Looks Like God Is Losing

Good Friday

By Carey Nieuwhof, Founding Pastor Have circumstances ever gotten so terrible for you that you thought: “There’s no way God could possibly be present?” I’ve wondered that at times. Honestly, I think most of us have. Maybe you’ve: Lost your job. Had someone very close to you die tragically. Seen your family fall apart. And you ask…

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A 5 Day Easter Devotional Day 3: Will God Reject You If You Betray Him?

By Carey Nieuwhof, Founding Pastor So if you really mess up, does that end your relationship with God? It’s a great question. The reality of most of our lives is this: we promise we’ll obey God, then we don’t. Does that ever mean God will simply reject you? That you’ve gone too far and it’s…

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A 5-Day Easter Devotional Day 2: How To Love And Forgive People Who Hurt You

By Carey Nieuwhof, Founding Pastor Ever have a hard time forgiving someone? Especially someone who has hurt you … deliberately? It’s hard to imagine how Jesus must have felt the final week of his life. He had come to offer God’s forgiveness and grace to each of us, but the very people to whom he extended that…

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A 5-Day Easter Devotional — How God Uses His Power

Jesus at the last supper

By Carey Nieuwhof, Founding Pastor If you had ultimate power, what would you do with it? My guess is you would change some things you’ve always wanted to change, likely for you and for others you’re close to. But then what? Interestingly enough, when people become powerful in this world (think business leaders, politicians and…

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Creating New Memories to Share this Easter Weekend

easter weekend flowers

Well, our second Easter weekend in a pandemic is upon us! Kind of wild, right? With limitations on gatherings and travel many of us are left to create new memories by adding twists to family traditions and brainstorming new ways to celebrate the season.   Easter has been one of my favourite holidays for a…

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Why Your Relationship Needs A Way Out Of The Fight Cycle

relationship communication fight cycle

When you notice that your car is making a new noise, do you drive directly to the mechanic or leave it for a few weeks to see if it goes away?  What about when you start to feel new pain or symptoms in your body? Do you go to the doctor to get it checked…

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3 Things We Learned From The Marriage Course As Newlyweds

married couple

Deciding to take a marriage course as newlyweds may sound a bit backwards. What issues do you really have to work through so early on? What tests has your relationship truly faced?  At the end of last year, my husband Joel and I decided to take part in The Marriage Course that Connexus Church was…

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Why Your Calendar Isn’t The Key To Using Your Time Well

calendar time management

Time.  You only get so much of it.  There’s an urgency to it, a scarcity. If you want to get more out of your time, you are likely to look to time management hacks and tricks. Many of them will start with your calendar. They’ll tell you to schedule everything in your calendar, to put…

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