What are Some Good Bible Reading Plans?

man reading a bible and making notes

If you have ever thought about reading your Bible, you’ve probably discovered the YouVersion Bible App for reading plans. But where do you start?

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Helpful Resources for Parenting in Quarantine

parent comforting child in isolated wood trail

Parenting in quarantine? Who would’ve thought that would be a thing we needed a guide to? Not us. Well, COVID-19 has certainly brought some unique challenges for families. If you’re a parent, you’re now finding yourself trying to educate, navigate extra screen time, find space for conversations, work from home while they’re home and make…

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How Our Young Family is Finding Solitude in the Chaos

young family finding solitude on a trail in the woods

Hearing from God starts with making listening a priority. To listen clearly, we need to find solitude in the chaos of family life. In a message Jordan (my husband) and I were listening to this week, we were challenged to do the following three things:  Find a whispering spot. List the voices in your life…

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5 Ways You Can Volunteer At Connexus Now

It’s incredible to see how God is using our church. God is changing lives and people are being drawn to Him. We continue to see growth across our Church with a record 12,500 views on Easter Sunday alone. Thousands more will connect through the week.  I know that as you hear that you get excited…

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Creating New Memories to Share this Easter

As we get closer to Easter weekend amidst social isolation, many of us are left to create new memories, add new twists to family traditions, and brainstorm new ways to celebrate the season. For Joel and I – we’re creating all new traditions as we enter into our first Easter season as newlyweds.  Easter has…

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Why You Can Trust God in a Changing World

With the rise of COVID-19, you suddenly live in a world of change and fear, and if you’re honest, it’s overwhelming.  Throughout time, our world is always changing, becoming, and evolving. Sometimes it’s becoming better, but these days it can feel like it’s becoming worse. Think of your own life. You are becoming older. Hopefully,…

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How Do You Spiritually Respond To Fear?

I know we are all trying to figure out how to respond to what’s happening in our world. It can feel like things are spiralling quickly. Fear and panic feel like they continue to creep into all areas of life. I’m with you in the midst of this. How do we respond to something like…

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What I’ve Learned From My 6-year-old On Inviting My Friends To Christmas Eve

By Alicia Mason, Volunteer NEXT Host at Connexus Church in Barrie When it comes to inviting people to church, I’ve learned a lot from my 6 year old. She grabbed a handful of invite cards from Upstreet, put them in her backpack, and proceeded to hand them out to her grade 1 class. There wasn’t…

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Are Your Friends Actually Expecting to be Invited to Church at Christmas?

By Rose Meeder, Volunteer Host at Connexus Church in Orillia Christmas is such a cool time of year.  Of course, for me, as a Christian, it is a celebration of the birth of Jesus and recognizing with awe, once again, that it was God’s plan from the very beginning to come and “be with us”. I…

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3 Tools To Help You Find Freedom From Pornography

On Sunday Carey shared about the importance of blocking toxic things out of your life.  Why is this so important?  Because what you allow into you deeply shapes what flows out of you.  It was a powerful morning in all of our locations as we were able to pray for people who are taking steps…

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