Your investment in something simple means exponential life change!

You may not remember this, but one day people took photos on a camera using film (36 max at a time). Then came the digital camera and now with your smartphone you can take thousands of pictures at any moment and store them online.

You’ve always been taking pictures, but as the platforms changed you could take so many more. Platforms mean exponential possibilities.

Well at Connexus we’re always about reaching people with the hope of Jesus but we’ve learned that the better the platform the more people we can reach.

That’s why we’re going to expand two of our launch platforms. We want to expand our online platform so we can go from reaching thousands to tens of thousands, and our current production hub so we can support not just 3 locations, but up to 6!

You can watch this video below where Jeff shared on a Sunday all about what that looks like, and get more information here. It’s just one of the four areas we are accelerating right now. We also want to:


  • Fuel our volunteers so we can serve more people
  • Fuel our equipment so we are ready to grow
  • Fuel our community partners so they can accelerate into 2019


That’s why our goal of $275,000 by December 31st is crucial to seeing more people meet Jesus. God has done some incredible things in 2018, but we think he has even more in store.

Click here to give before December 31st or to learn more about Accelerate.

We are excited to launch new platforms that will allow us to reach exponentially more people than we ever dreamed.



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