You love our music? So do your guests!

Here’s something almost every guest we meet at Connexus says about their first visit – “I loved the music!”

Music is key to our vision of creating churches that unchurched people love to attend. Scripture says that “God inhabits the praises of His people”.

After launching 11 years ago, we have some key equipment and trailers that need to be replaced and upgraded. Not only will this allow us to continue to provide fantastic music that engages our new guests, but it will also allow us to have all of the same equipment at all locations so our audio technicians can train anywhere.

Honestly, it’s a very practical need and it’s one that will propel us into the future! Fuelling our equipment so we can grow is one of the four key areas we are fuelling so we can accelerate into 2019. Jeff shares more in the Sunday morning video below.

In addition to our equipment we also want to:


  • Fuel our volunteers so we can serve more people
  • Fuel our community partners so they can accelerate into 2019
  • Fuel our launch platforms so we can continue to grow


That’s why we’re asking everyone to jump on board and give an Accelerate gift to help us reach our $275,000 goal by December 31st so we can accelerate into the new year. Be sure to get more information, pray about how God would have you participate, and give your gift here.

We’re excited to see God do even more this year!



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