Wow! Yesterday’s Grand Opening Service!

Connexus….yesterday's Grand Opening services for our new central facility at 20 Mills Road was amazing!!

If you were there, you know what I mean. If you weren't, we've got the video for you below!

So Many People!

I don't think our Grand Opening could have gone better. It was such incredible evidence of the faithfulness of God.

We saw more than DOUBLE the number of people we usually see on a Sunday in Barrie with two services at capacity (and the 10:30 service into overflow). And the best part, so many of our guests were friends you invited who were brand new to church and, in some cases, faith.

Lives will be changed forever because of what has been begun over these last few weeks with a beautifully relaunched Orillia campus and the new facility in Barrie.

And So Many Other Friends!

As full as our new location was yesterday, chances are you've got friends you were hoping could make it who didn't, or maybe even a few who haven't said yes yet because they're just not sure about church.

You've probably got some other friends about whom you're thinking “If I could only get them to come, they'd love it!”

But it's hard to imagine a church like Connexus when you've never experienced one before.

So…to that end…our production team did a great job capturing yesterdays service on video. This is one of the key reasons we built a new facility…to be a hub for ALL that is to come.

Here's the video of the service (minus one song we can't air because of copyright license)…for all of you who missed it, and especially for all of you who want to share it with friends who couldn't be there.

The service opens with a 7 minute retrospective of how we began as a church and why we do what we do. The music and message follows!

[tentblogger-youtube eBnE8BNT_V0]

The video, by the way, is a small preview of what our online campus will look like when it launches within the next year.

There will be more to our online church than just the video, but what's so exciting is giving people the option of seeing or even participating in a full service before they come with you.

So have a look!

More to Come!

We'll do a complete highlight reel in a few days when all the edits are done and pictures are uploaded (stay tuned!!), plus we'll tour you through ALL our environments, including some highlights from our incredible children's ministry and student ministry wings.

Thanks so much Connexus for praying, giving, serving and inviting more boldly than ever before.

And remember, this isn't a finish line. It's a start line. The most amazing things are ahead!

– Carey



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  1. Patti Clayden says, May 25, 2015 at 7:22 pm

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Incredible grand opening service in our new facility. I am so proud to be affiliated with Connexus Community Church. This is where my real relationship with Jesus Christ began.

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