Will You Make the Move This Weekend?

Make The Move

Did you ever watch the Butterfly Effect with Ashton Kutcher?

The movie was… alright. However, I find the premise fascinating. The movie basically explores how small actions can have a huge┬áimpact over a period of time. The Butterfly Effect was named after a theory that argues a hurricane on one side of the world could potentially be caused by a butterfly flapping it's wings on the other.

While that may be a stretch, little things can have a big impact.

A smile could make someones day. A kind word can bring someone out of a ditch. You never know what tremendous impact a seemingly small action can have in the life of another.

Choosing to attend a different service is a small thing for you. However, It could mean something incredible in somebody else's life.

We're full, and that's great news! It means we're reaching people! However, we need more seats in our adult and family environments at our 10 AM services at both campuses for our first time guests. If you're a regular attended at our 10 am service, you can open up another seat for a first timer just by choosing to attend the 8.30 service.

You can make a space for a life to be changed.

On August 18th at our Barrie Campus we baptized Melissa Nieuwhof-Kitson. It was a very emotional moment watching Carey have the opportunity to baptize his own sister (check out the video below).

[tentblogger-youtube tAQIBbxhWro]

It was amazing to see what God had done in Melissa's life. How He had helped her when she had no strength, how He carried her through. But what's really cool is people like Melissa come to our church every week, looking for something greater than themselves.

The just need a seat to sit in.

Would you make the move to 8:30?


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