Why You, and Even Connexus, Will Never Be Good At Everything

Ever notice that you can’t be good at everything, no matter how hard you try?

When I was a kid, I wanted to be great at hockey, but my dad told me to stick to soccer. You know what? He was right, and I actually became pretty good at soccer.

What’s true of you and me as individuals is also true of our church.

While we can’t be great at everything, we can excel at a few things.

Can I share with you what we want to be GREAT at as a church?

We want to be great at providing a church where you can bring your friends who don’t know Jesus. Of all the things we could be great at, we want to be best at this. Christmas Eve gives you and me an awesome opportunity to invite our friends in Barrie and Orillia.

Second, we want to be great at generosity. And December has given us a month to practice. We call it Be Rich.

Be Rich  brings out the cool side to not being great at everything. It gives others a chance to be excellent at what they do and it gives us a chance to help.

When it comes to the needs of the hungry and the homeless, there are great expert organizations in our cities that are working to fill the need. They do a fantastic job. We don’t want to compete with them but partner with them.

This leads me to share some details on two opportunities that I don’t want you to miss:

BeRich this Sunday!

This week at Connexus we want to financially bless the Barrie Food Bank, the David Busby Centre, The Orillia Salvation Army, and The Lighthouse Soup Kitchen and Shelter. Physical donations are great in meeting anticipated needs, but financial donations allow organizations to be more strategic and flexible in coming alongside the people who need support. We want to be generous!

This week we are asking you to join us in financially giving to our partners. All of the BeRich donations go directly to our local partners. You can give this Sunday, or even click here to donate early.

Over the first two weeks of BeRich we’ve seen so many of you sponsor children in Guatemala and donate to our local food banks. We can’t wait to announce the totals on Christmas Eve!

Oh, and one more thing about Christmas (the thing we’re trying to be best at!): Our team has a great night planned.

All you need to do is invite a friend. Give them the gift of a new tradition!

Invite a friend to Christmas Eve!

At both of our campuses, we’ve got a variety of invitations from cards to posters you can personally hand out to help you invite your friends and family. And you can invite online too. Attached to this email you will also find a social media image to help you invite people online.  As well, here is a short video you can post online for Barrie or Orillia.

Thanks so much for being a part of such a generous community. Can’t wait to help host your friends on Christmas Eve!

Jeff Brodie

Lead Pastor, Connexus Church

Barrie Christmas Eve Tradition Orillia Christmas Eve Tradition


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