When Was The Last Time You Were Encouraged?


Encouragement. Some of our most joyful memories come from experiences when we were encouraged and affirmed by those close to us. Likewise, some of our most crushing moments have come on the heels of someone criticizing us.

Think for a minute, about the impact others have had on you through these two things. My guess is that these two types of interaction have helped shape you, for better for for worse.

One thing we often don't think about however, is the power that we have over others through both encouragement and criticism. Through them, we can make or break someone's day or week.

But when we encourage others, does it only impact the person being encouraged? Or is there a wider impact? This week in Barrie, Jeff Henderson leads us through this very discussion as we close the Life Apps series with Part 6 “The Encouragement App”.

In Orillia, Andy Stanley tackles difficult questions of trust in relationship as we look at “The Trust App”. We'll also have a chance to share in celebration with the baptism of George and Barb Melanson.

It's going to be a great Sunday! Bring your friends!

Barrie Campus

Life Apps – Part 6 – The Encouragement App | Jeff Henderson

Our conversations average six criticisms to every one encouragement. Is reversing this ratio the key to improving our relationships at home, at work, and in our everyday lives? In this message, Jeff Henderson explains the power of encouraging others – and what might be in it for you!

8.30 and 10.00 am | Galaxy Cinemas, Barrie

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Orillia Campus

Life Apps – Part 5 – The Trust App | Andy Stanley

When someone lets you down, can you choose to believe the best or are you forced to assume the worst? In this message, Andy reminds us that we have the power to choose our reaction – and the response we choose may make all the difference in our relationships. Giving others the benefit of the doubt just may be the new Golden Rule.

8.30 and 10 am | Family Ministry @ 10am | Galaxy Cinemas, Orillia

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