When Relationships Hurt You Without You Knowing It



Doesn't it seems that the world is moving faster and faster?

Doesn't that make it easier and easier to find yourself swamped by demands, expectations and obligations?

Well – you're not the only one.

This weekend in Barrie, we're talking about a major source of tension for people.  Other people!  What do we do when the relationships in our lives cause us more harm than we realize, not because of the other person but because of us?

In Orillia, we talk about keeping up with the pace of life and how to find health and rest in the midst of a spinning world. Believe it or not, it's possible.

Find out how to move toward healthier schedules and healthier relationships.

Know anyone that would appreciate that? Bring them too!

Hope to see you Sunday.

Barrie Campus

Overwhelmed – Part 4 – Overestimated | Carey Nieuwhof

Relationships are supposed be life giving. So why are so many people frustrated and worried about their marriages, kids, friendships and relationships? Maybe you’re worried and angry because you’re expecting something of the people around you that they can’t possibly provide.

8.30 and 10.00 am | Galaxy Cinemas, Barrie

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Orillia Campus

Overwhelmed – Part 3 – Overdrive | Carey Nieuwhof

Why does the pace of life always seem to be getting… faster? How do you find the time to slow down in a world that never stops? Pace is one of the keys to winning the war against worry. We’ll look at one of the best ways to reduce stress from an ancient tradition God established thousands of years ago.

8.30 and 10.00 am | Galaxy Cinemas, Orillia

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