What This Young Couple Thinks You Will Get Out of the Be Rich Project

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Don't you love the fall time change? An extra hour in our day is awesome! What are you going to do with it?

This weekend at Connexus in our Be Rich giving and serving project, we've got a great challenge for you.  Will you GIVE your hour to someone who needs it?

This young couple tells you why they love participating in Be Rich, and why they think you will too!

image003Kyle and Rebekah Morton have been coming to Connexus for almost 8 years. Before they met, Kyle first threw himself into leading a small group at youth, and Rebekah started serving in Upstreet and Waumbaland with children's small groups.

Ever since they were kids, their families instilled the value of helping and serving others. Whether it was cooking and baking for the new neighbour down the street, shovelling drive-ways for those who couldn't, or helping the family around the house, serving each other was important.

As they grew older their parents also introduced the value of giving to those who are less fortunate. Each of their families sponsored a child, and now they sponsor their own. Every year, their families were excited to pack up a shoebox full of their favourite items to kids across the world. Both Kyle and Rebekah felt like their heart was being shipped along with the presents.

Now that they're newly married, they talk about how they can continue serving in the community and share the resources God has blessed them with.

So – how did they participate in Be Rich last year – and what did they think about it?


Last winter they rang the Salvation Army bells all over Orillia.

“We had fun in the cold because the people giving felt great about their piece of “change” they were lovingly giving as well. Those smiles made our smiles even brighter.”

Here's why they loved serving within the Be Rich project:

“This incredible project allows for us to remember that God is extravagantly generous to us, shouldn't we be compelled to do the same? Once we decide to help others, to get out of the “self” we find ourselves living in, we find our souls being filled with the joy and gratitude maybe even more than those benefiting from our givings. We can be a shining light to others! And in return our hearts get filled overwhelmingly with gratitude from God.”

And they urge you to participate in Be Rich too!

“We want everyone who can to participate! It is so beneficial in so many ways! You can GIVE, you can SERVE and you can assist in the food drive. Where do you think you would shine? Kyle and I look forward to this project. Connexus is dedicated to helping others in our community who are less fortunate and we want to be of service to these causes that need us. God is a good God, and He is giving us an opportunity to make a difference and build relationships. Take the leap! Join us in Be Rich this year and give in ways you could flourish!”

Stories like Kyle and Rebekah's inspire us – to give, to serve and to love others well.

So, will you be part of Be Rich project this year?

Find out what SERVING opportunities there are for you in your city – or create your very own service projects – just CLICK HERE.


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