What If They Say Yes?

You've heard us talk lots about inviting our neighbours, coworkers, and friends to church. But maybe you struggle with knowing how to actually do that. I mean, can you really invite someone so it doesn't sound weird? Some people have already turned you down before–surely they are off limits? Will an invitation to church come across as pushy?

Yes, no, and it doesn't have to!

Here's the thing–you already invite people to like the things you like. In fact, I bet you've invited people to do dozens of things already in the last few days.

You've got to see this hilarious meme account on InstagramLet me show you the new Avengers trailer?

Have you tried the Cloud Macchiato at Starbucks?

Did you see what this guy did on Ellen/Corden/Fallon's show?

What if you invited people to church the same way? I mean, hopefully, you've discovered that being part of the Church is more helpful to you than a Starbucks drink, so consider approaching your friends with the desire for them to experience that same support and hope. Here's how the conversation might go:

What are you guys up to Easter weekend? (they'll say something about egg hunts and family dinners)That's awesome. Hey, you should definitely come with me to Connexus — it's the church I go to on the weekend. I heard this Easter it's going to be incredible–the music is always great and I know kids have a blast. Want to come with me–I really think it'd be a great way to make Easter special this year?

That's it. If they say they need to check their calendar, circle back with them in a couple of days. If they say no, tell them that's too bad.

But what if they say yes? What if you are in their life so you could be part of helping them take a step closer to the God who loves them? What if this Easter, your invitation is what sparks an interest in faith in someone? What if?

Our team has loved hearing so many stories already of invitations to Easter that have resulted in a “Yes!”. If you've already invited friends, family, neighbours, or coworkers – I'd love to hear how your conversations went in the comments!

We're praying for you this weekend as you continue to invite those around you to Easter services this weekend.


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