What Are Your Doubts? Bring Them Sunday.

What’s one thing we all have in common?


You and I doubt what we don’t know.

You and I doubt what we can’t see.

You and I doubt what we haven’t experienced.

What are you doubting right now?

When it comes to faith in a God who loves you – what holds you back?  What makes you turn around and go the other way?

Why do you doubt that there could be a God who created you, loves you and wants to know you?

Bring your doubts this Sunday, there’s a question Jesus asked that has the power to help you overcome them.  It could be the start of something awesome.

Barrie Location

The N Commandments — Part 6 — Doubt Not | Andy Stanley

Wouldn’t it be great to have a faith without doubts? This one question posed by Jesus has the power to help you move past your doubt.

9.00 and 10.30 am | 20 Mills Road, Barrie

Orillia Location

The N Commandments — Part 5 — Judge Not | Andy Stanley

People size each other up all the time. We all do it. This command from Jesus has the power to change all of your relationships.

9.00 and 10.30 am | Galaxy Cineplex, Orillia


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