We’re So Excited For What God Might Do In Your Life in September

Are You Ready For Fall?

Hard to believe summer’s over…and of course, now all the warm weather arrives. 🙂

But it’s time to ‘get back,’ isn’t it? To school, to work and (we think) to church.

In fact, September is packed with promise for you and your family at Connexus.

Let me share just three (amazing) ways:

    • Family Ministry: Promise for your Kids and Teens. Two of the best gifts you can give your kids are friends running in the right direction and another adult voice saying the same thing you would say as a parent. I promise you this makes a big difference down the road. All of our kids and student environments are in full gear for the fall! Keep your kids plugged in or plug them back in starting this weekend. You’ll be glad you did!
    • New Series: Promise for You. September features a brand new series called “If You Only Knew: Why We Hide From God and Each Other”.  I’ll deal with one of the deepest issues we all struggle with: a fear of people knowing who we really are. Seriously, this series could permanently change how you relate to God, how you feel about yourself and change your key relationships.  You can watch the trailer here.
    • Meet Me At The Movies: Promise for Your Friends. Got a bunch of friends you’d love to invite to Connexus? We’re throwing a party with a live band and full of family activities on Thursday, September 25th at the Drive In….and you’re invited. So are they. Catch the details and get tickets for Meet Me at the Movies here and we’ll share more Sunday. Hope you and a couple vans full of people can join us!

So we’re pumped. In fact, there’s a lot more happening than just those three things, but that will get us started, right?

Can’t wait to see you Sunday!

Let us know any way we can serve you.

– Carey


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