The invitation that changed a life.

Easter is one of those special weekends that comes around each year.

It's a time to remember the sacrifice God made on Good Friday, and to rejoice in celebration at the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday! The journey from complete despair to everlasting hope, over a 3 day journey. It's truly incredible!

For Shane, Easter is a particularly special weekend. It marks a significant anniversary in his family's journey, and in his life personally. All because of an invitation to church. Here is his story 🙂


My name is Shane. I have been coming to Connexus for 4 years, and my family and I have really found a home that we feel comfortable in here at Connexus.

Growing up I had never been to church. It wasn’t something we had done, and it wasn’t really a tradition or a Sunday morning piece for us. And prayer was really a last resort. It was used when other things didn’t work out for us.

We understood and we knew that there was a God, but it wasn’t something that we celebrated or worshipped.

On Good Friday 2013, a friend of ours invited myself and my family to attend a Connexus service. I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive. I had never been to church before.

But, we decided we’d take the chance. We’d come.

I was really taken by the message. I was also taken by the message. And ultimately I was taken by the people that I met that day, and how welcoming they were. Being together with those people is ultimately what brought me back.

Being able to celebrate God. And being able to move forward in my journey with these people. I felt it was a safe environment to do that.

Fast forward now to Good Friday 2014, on my one year anniversary of coming to church, is where I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. That morning I prayed with Carey, and I really took a step forward in not just my faith journey, but life as the leader of my family and as a participant in my church. It’s been an incredible experience.

I want to thank the friends who invited me and my family to come that first Easter weekend, and those who have prayed for the invitations that have been extended. It’s changed my life.

We cannot help but be both challenged and encouraged by Shane's story. We know the courage it took for his friend to invite him and his family out that weekend, and could not be more thankful for their boldness! Shane currently serves on our ConnexusLive Online team hosting in the chat room on Sunday morning, as well as on our Social Media and Photography teams (the photos above are Shane's talented work!), and attends our Barrie Campus with his family.

Easter weekend is just over a week away. Today, try praying about who God might have for you to invite to church. Ask him to give you the opportunity to have the conversation and to extend the invitation. Then, go in faith.

You never know the life change that might be on the other side of that invitation to church.

For a fun way to invite your friends and neighbours to church, check out this post on “How to Egg Your Neighbours” (we promise it's not the egging you think!). 



  1. Nadeera Marshall says, April 17, 2017 at 11:10 pm

    I look forward to attending your church in the very near future.

  2. Joanne says, February 25, 2018 at 10:24 pm

    Today was my 3rd time coming to Church. I feel a sense of belonging to a group of people I barely know. Everyone is happy too! And wants to help you out; from helping you get a coffee or tea, opening the door for you, and today someone was carrying the umbrella for me – from my car to the entrance.

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