Take the Plunge!

It's been an exciting
few weeks around Connexus as we engage the Plunge series.
 It was one of those 'had to be there' moments at the Barrie campus
last weekend, and we're praying for great things this coming weekend in

So many people picked up CDs of Part 2 of Plunge
that we gave away everything we could produce and created a waiting
list. The bottom line? They wanted to get the message into the hands
of friends and family. (You can view the message here).
That was so encouraging, because the message is all about how to
become a Christian – exactly how it is we are saved.

For thousands of years, people who have given their
lives to Christ have stepped forward to be baptized.  A sign of their
commitment to Christ and a celebration of being dead to sin and alive
in Christ.  

If you've never been baptized as a believer, why
not take the Plunge and be baptized on August 23rd?  We're holding a
baptismal service Sunday, August 23rd at Bass Lake at 6:30.
 You can apply to be baptized on line.  If you've made a
decision to follow Jesus just recently or years ago and haven't been
baptized, we'd love to baptize you.

I get weepy when I read people's stories of how
they came to Christ. In just a few weeks, we'll be baptizing 10 year
olds and 70 year olds – all of whom have this in common: they've
experienced the love of Christ and have given their lives to him. That
story just never gets old for me!

Even if you're not being baptized, make the time to
join us and celebrate. There'll be music, food and a chance to really
rejoice in what God is doing in people's lives. Can't wait!

– Carey


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