What are Summer Clubs?

Summer 2020 looks a lot different than we expected, but we’re still excited to partner with you to host the VERY BEST SUMMER!

Focus Summer Club at Home Edition

We will help your kids dive deeper into their faith by putting the FOCUS on God and His amazing plan for us. We are providing simple instructions for you to follow, a box including ALMOST EVERYTHING you need (snacks, music & craft supplies!)

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Watch Summer Clubs OnDemand!

Watch ONDEMAND on our ConnexusKids YouTube channel AUG 17-21 with videos released each morning. Your kids from age 4-10 will have a blast as they discover how to trust in what they CAN’T see because of what they CAN see. FOCUS SUMMER CLUB will teach kids to explore four different ways we can FOCUS on God: Hear, Talk, Pray, Live!

Frequently Asked Questions

Register For Your Free Box! (Limited to 100 Kids)

REGISTER FOR YOUR FREE BOX BY AUGUST 1st. Pre-Registered Boxes will be available for pick up on Wednesday Aug 12 at a location near you. 

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I have bad internet; can I still join?

Yes, we can provide a DVD or flash drive if you require it. Please email [email protected] by August 1st to have one included in your box.

When will the videos be released?

The videos will be released each morning by 7am on our Connexus Kids YouTube page. If you have not subscribed to ConnexusKids, you should do that now.

What if I have children under the age of 4?

We have provided activities and materials for ages 4-10 but we will post some videos for younger children to watch on our Connexus Kids YouTube page for that week that will follow the same theme.

Can I have other kids join at my house?

That’s up to you. Box will come with supplies for those you’ve registered and Connexus is not encouraging anything that does not follow health and safety protocols for physically distancing. The box and activities are designed with immediate family members in mind.

Will the videos be taken down each day?

No, the videos will stay up on our site for the week and then removed by Aug 23rd. So have 7 days to finish the 5 days of fun.

How long will this take each day?

We anticipate that it will take anywhere from 60 minutes to 2 hours depending on craft and games and how many times your kids might repeat elements they really like.

Can I let other families know about this?

Absolutely!!! Especially if they wouldn’t normally attend church.
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My kids have allergies, will you make accommodations for snacks in the box?

We will do our best but boxes are not going to be customized so you will need to remove allergic items from the box. We have done our best to avoid most common things.

How will I know what to do with the box?

Simple instructions and clearly marked bags will guide you through the experience. Most instructions will be given on the video for each activity.

I live out of the area of Midland, Barrie or Orillia Ontario; can I still join in on this?

If you are within reasonable driving distance we may be able to get a physical box to you, if not, we can provide a list of supplies for you to find where you live. If shipping cost is minimal we could ship but we’d have to figure out the cost for that. Email [email protected] and let’s figure it out! We’d love to have you with us.

Can my kids do this without me?

Probably not. They will need some help to have a quality experience. We think you’ll have fun and you’ll learn some new things too.

Will there be many items required that are not in the box?

Most things that we have not included should be around your home already. We will post a list early on social media and send you an email with those details. We will post a list here as well (when we have it ready).