String Stories

At Connexus, we are passionate about being FORtheCity we live in, and the registrations are still coming in as people are praying and deciding to be FOR 4 families or people in our city. If you haven't yet submitted your 4 names to us, you can click here

But we couldn’t wait any longer to share some of the stories we've been hearing. 

If you missed hearing what these string stories are all about, we'd encourage you to watch this video. In it, Jeff Brodie, our Lead Pastor, explains that each string on this community art piece represents the story of someone at Connexus choosing to be FOR someone else in our city.

Here are the stories of a few of the over 400 String Story connections we’ve seen so far:

  1. One couple met their neighbour for the first time and brought them a pie for Thanksgiving.
  2. Another helped his neighbour with an outdoor project for 10 minutes and it was the most they’d ever talked.
  3. One person offered prayer to someone they met, and they showed up at Connexus that Sunday.
  4. Another person intentionally celebrated the engagement of their neighbours who they are getting to know.
  5. Another brought a care package for one of their 4 whose son was injured. They said that they were the only person who had even bothered to check on them.
  6. One person knew someone who needed furniture for their bachelor apartment but didn’t have the money, so their small group rallied and furnished the apartment for them.
  7. One person booked coffee with someone who they are FOR who feels like life is against them. They are praying it will be a good opportunity to be a supportive friend in the way Christ calls us to be.
  8. Someone else invited their neighbour to join them for a night with their community group.
  9. Another met their neighbours while giving them a hand with their garbage.
  10. One person had a client who said to them “I feel like life is against me.” Sounds like they need someone FOR them.

Have you done something to show someone in our city that you are FOR them this week? Submit your string to the art piece at one of our locations to celebrate your story. And if you'd like, be sure to share your story with us by getting in contact with us!

People in our city won't know that God is FOR them if they don't know that we are FOR them. 

If you haven’t already shared your four names with us, you can do so here.


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