Something Brand New To Help Your Friends Who Don’t Live Here

You know what question you ask us all the time here at Connexus?

It’s this one: so I have a friend in (fill in the blank city), and they love Connexus but they don’t live here. Is there a great church in their city?

Sometimes we get to share good news and point your friends to a fantastic church. And sometimes it’s a bit, well harder.

That’s one of the reasons we launched Connexus Live Online in March. Anybody anywhere can access all we do live on Sundays or on demand anytime.

Well, now we’re taking it even a step further, doing one more thing to help the wider church and your friends who don’t live here.

Today, Carey Nieuwhof is launching The Canadian Church Leader’s Leader’s Podcast, a Podcast designed to help Canadian Church leaders reach people. Carey’s going to host a monthly podcast designed to facilitate a national dialogue that will make the Canadian church stronger. At least that’s our hope.

You can subscribe for free on iTunes and Google Play. Jeff Brodie is Carey’s first guest, and together they tackle the Top 5 Canadian Church Myths. (P.S. They’re all myths we’ve had to bust to make Connexus what it is today.)

And if you listen in to Episode 1, you’ll also hear something else super-exciting. Next year, Connexus is launching The Canadian Church Leader’s Conference to be held hosted right here at Connexus. We’re going to invite leaders from across Canada to join us for three days—June 8th-10th—to help Canadian church leaders reach people (like your friends who live in other cities).

Just wanted you to know!

What can you do? Well, three things:

    1. Subscribe to the podcast iTunes for apple users or Google Play for Android. It’s free. And we already have two preview episodes and Episode 1 live. New episodes release on the first Monday of the month, every month.
    2. Tell any church leaders (staff, elders…volunteers) you know about it. Just share this post or text them a link to the podcast.
    3. Get ready to volunteer for the Canadian Church Leader’s Conference next June. We’ll need an incredible team of volunteers to host Canadian Church leaders. Book the dates now: Thursday June 8th—Saturday June 10th 2017.  We’ll give you a chance to sign up soon!

Thanks Connexus for being the kind of church that unchurched people love to attend, but also for helping to create even more churches unchurched people love to attend!

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