So What If You Actually Paid Cash For Your Summer Vacation This Year? Here’s How

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have financial margin? To know that you are thriving with your money not just surviving? What would that look like for you? Can you imagine?

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  • Paying cash for your summer vacation.
  • Saving for your kids education, helping them graduate debt free.
  • The freedom to live generously and being able to support causes you care about.
  • Finally ridding yourself of the nagging debt that limits all you want to do.
  • Having a plan for retirement.
The Financial Learning Experience is an energetic, motivating and highly practical FREE two hour event where Joe Sangl, our guest speaker and author of “I Was Broke, Now I’m Not” will share with us his insights into financial freedom. Believe it or not, the Bible has a lot of practical things to say about how to handle money so it doesn't handle you.
Over 300 people at Connexus have already learned how to live with financial margin by participating in the Financial Learning Experience, and the good news is it's back Sunday, May 4th.

If you've never been and want to learn how to live with margin and live on mission,  don't miss it. If you've been and want to head back to fine tune your financial plan…make sure you don't miss it.
You can sign up today at….Financial Learning Experience 
Hope to see you on May 4 @ 6pm. Together we can learn how to live with margin and live on mission.



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