Don’t you find it encouraging when you see lives changed and people find hope? We’ve seen so much life change at Connexus over the last 18 months - it’s been incredible!

We are seeing more new guests than ever, more people attending than ever, more people in groups than ever, more baptisms than ever, and more people volunteering than ever before! God is writing so many amazing stories.

There are also so many people left to reach. There are over 305,000 people who live within a 30-minute drive of a Connexus location. By our best estimate, 285,000 will not be in church this weekend. Our vision is to create churches unchurched people love to attend so these people can know the hope of Jesus. We don’t want the life change that’s come to us to end with us.  

Here’s our unique opportunity … It’s a challenge most churches would love to have.

We are growing so quickly that while our giving is increasing, it’s not keeping pace with all of the people we are reaching.

As a church community, we need to keep pace with the amazing things that God is doing as we look to reach people today and tomorrow!

Here’s how you can be a part of reaching more people….

We are asking everyone pray about how they can increase their regular weekly so that our giving can keep pace with our growth. Our goal is to see 350 families participate!

An additional $65,000 per month over last year’s monthly giving will position us not only to keep up with our growth but also to reach even more people. Will you join us?

You can find a commitment form below.

Let’s keep reaching more people and seeing lives changed across our communities.

Questions? Check out the FAQ.