Wow it sounds like Connexus is really growing. What does that really mean?

To give you a general idea of our growth, Connexus grew by 20% more people with 68% more guests joining us for the first time than the previous year. This past Easter was our biggest Easter ever!


What if I work on commission or own a business and I don’t have a predictable salary?

That totally makes sense to us. If that is the case, we are asking you to pray and fill out the card with a weekly average across the year. We understand that might change with your circumstances, but it gives us an idea as we look ahead.


How can I help beyond increasing my weekly giving?

We would love for you to join us in prayer. Pray that God would work across our church to inspire generosity. Pray that God would continue to bless kingdom-minded business owners, entrepreneurs, and salaried workers with unexpected finances that they could invest in the mission of seeing more people come to know Jesus.


Does this mean fewer people are giving?

Actually, it’s just the opposite! We have more people giving now than ever before. Also, our giving is currently 8% more than last year. However, with so many people walking through our doors we are still working to keep up with our 2019 planned budget increase of 18%.


What does this mean for launching new locations?

We are still looking ahead to bringing the Gospel to new communities. We are currently praying about Alliston, North Barrie, and Collingwood. As our regular giving moves towards $65,000 per month over last year, we know we will have the margin to position our ministry for continued growth.


I’ve heard Connexus has a network of partner churches. How much does that cost?

Yes, Connexus currently has 5 Canadian churches in our network. These churches have leaders who want to reach unchurched people, and we can help by blowing wind into their sails through resources and monthly coaching. These churches pay Connexus to be a part of the network that covers any related expenses. It’s amazing to see how God is reaching people in other communities across Canada through our church. Click here to learn more.