Helpful Resources for Parenting in Quarantine

Parenting in quarantine? Who would’ve thought that would be a thing we needed a guide to? Not us.

Well, COVID-19 has certainly brought some unique challenges for families. If you’re a parent, you’re now finding yourself trying to educate, navigate extra screen time, find space for conversations, work from home while they’re home and make sure your kids stay healthy mentally. How can you balance it all?

Recently, we interviewed Dr. Rob Meeder (a pediatrician and dad of 4), Leslie Brodie (a guidance counsellor and mom of 2), and Carla Brubacher (homeschooler and mom of 4). Together, they shared some of their insights from their years of experience in the fields of health, wellness, education and … parenting! 

To listen to the full conversation, as well as some questions asked by our viewers, head here to watch

Below is a list of the resources that were mentioned in the conversation. It was a rich conversation full of so many helpful insights!

It's important to acknowledge that parenting has an added layer of difficulty while in quarantine. We want you to know, we’re with you and we’re FOR you.

As Carla said in the interview: “Remember to extend grace to yourself. No one signed up for this!”

Resources for Parenting in Quarantine:

Conversation Guides from Connexus Kids Ministry
Disney Circle
Smart Family Podcast


The Canadian Paediatric Society
Kids With Autism
Kids with ADHD (and general info)
General Information From Sick Kids

Games and Activities

Free Games  


Map Games
Math Questions   
Math & Language K-2   
Art Cartoon Drawings For Kids  


Library & Ebooks
Ebooks & Audiobooks


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