One Good Excuse To Put Your Feet Up

Young woman lying on sofa at home reading

With all this heat, you probably need a good excuse to put your feet up!  We've got a great one for you:

The book of Esther.

What is it that you love about a good story? Is it:

  • Surprise plots?
  • Connections to characters?
  • The meaning beneath it?
  • The action?
  • The mysteries?
  • The anticipation?

The book of Esther has it all. Read it here.

Did you know, historically, Christian writers and biblical interpreters have not known what to make of Esther? Martin Luther thought it ought not be in the Bible.  John Calvin never wrote a commentary on and it and is said to never have preached on it. That’s quite an omission for a man who preached almost every day.

But that hasn’t deterred us at Connexus.

5 weeks on Esther are happening now: Join us for Your Big Moment: Defining What Defines You Sundays at Connexus in Barrie and Orillia.

We're challenging everyone to take 25 min and read it with us right now!  You won't regret it.  And like we said, in all this heat, it's a great excuse to put your feet up.

So – what do you think of the book of Esther?


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