Longing For A Night Out?

Married People Big Night Out

Remember the days when you got all dressed up for that weekly date with your boyfriend or girlfriend?

Remember the thrill of making those surprise dinner reservations and picking her up?  Do you remember how much you enjoyed spending exclusive time with your significant other talking about your interests and dreams?

Do you remember your last date?

For some of us, that was just a while ago; others, a distant memory, and for some, it was so long ago it could been recorded in the Bible!  Life happened: new job, new house, new friends and for many of us … children happened.  All good things, but somewhere along the way we stopped dating.

Well, Connexus wants to help with that and we got a great evening planned for married couples, a BIG NIGHT OUT!  So circle Thursday, May 29th on your calendar as the day to unwind and enjoy a night that’s filled with live music, great food, awesome prizes and did we mention FUN?

Doors open at the Barrie Golf and Country Club at 7:00pm and we get rolling with the FUN from 7:30 – 9:00pm.

Tickets cost $20/couple and seating is limited so get your tickets now at connexuscommunity.com/marriedpeople before sales close on May 27. Because having FUN can’t wait!


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