Announcing! The New Monthly Subscription Box For WaumbaLand and UpStreet!

Our primary goal in our Children’s environments at Connexus is to help kids come to trust in Jesus and to grow in their relationship with him. Our desire is to continue to partner with you in a new, easy, and fun way!

We’ve been test piloting this idea in the background and now we’re excited to share it with you. Our prayer is that this would help give you the tools you need to spiritually invest in the lives of your kids, develop healthy God-centered character, and turn this pandemic into a time where you really see your kids changed by the hope we have in Jesus. He’s still working! 


We can all probably agree that there are several things every parent wants in regard to their child’s faith

  • You want your kids to prioritize faith in their everyday lives
  • You want your kids to develop consistent spiritual habits
  • You want to be involved in the development of your child’s faith

You have likely found the pandemic challenging as a parent at times, and we get that. We want to support you. Until now we've created great online resources and content for you and your child, but now we are ready to take it to the next level! 


Here’s a few details without giving everything away 🙂 

  • When you subscribe you will get a box designed for your child’s age group each month
  • Content in the box is designed for ages 2 ½ -Senior Kindergarten and grades 1-4 and works with our video content you can find each week on Connexus Kids on YouTube or on
  • Activities in the box are fun and kid driven - it won’t require much work on your part but if you have younger kids they might need a little help setting up 🙂
  • Monthly boxes have a lot of extra surprises inside that you will only have access to if you subscribe today.


Sign up by the 15th of the month to receive our next monthly box. SIGN UP NOW Monthly Subscription Box

One of the best parts? We’ll deliver your box right to your door thanks to a few fantastic volunteers in your area. if you are located outside of Simcoe County we will call you to figure out an alternative delivery solution.

We can’t wait for your child to get their first box! Do you have unchurched friends who you think would find this helpful? A family you are trying to help navigate spiritual discussions with their kids?? Please share this link with them so they can register to receive their own box. 


“In having an alternative to in-person Sunday school I feel prepared to lead my child at home with a church-in-a-box program that thinks of all the details for me! The program is theologically sound, appealing and interesting to kids, and allows for us to participate without worrying about having the supplies on hand. I think it's fantastic and am grateful to be able to participate!” - The Handy Family

"I like the box because I get to do activities with my family and spend time with them." Kyler, grade 4 -- "We've been sending our kids to watch church in another room while we watched our service, but now with the box, we watch their service together, talk about it and do a fun activity. I like that I can be more invested in what they're learning. It's family time, not just church time." - The Martin Family

“The Box of supplies and materials really helps the kids engage, it motivates them to watch, talk about it, and do activities together as a family.”

“I’m always looking for fun little things to do with the kids and this has been so great — not only do they love it, but they’re learning big things and I’m amazed at what “sticks”!” - The Piercy Family 

“Thank you so much for everything you are doing to help me point my kids to Jesus. It can be difficult to help my kids feel in touch with their Faith and Church (Upstreet) in these trying times but the UpStreet/WaumbaLand box helps us make connections. The prompting questions help us to get more out of the video's and the fun activities help us to learn more, go deeper and enjoy discovering more about God.” - The Walker Family

“God has always been part of our family and our daily routines, but Connexus has provided us as parents with the tools to engage with our children about God in a more meaningful and practical manner. The monthly box specifically provided our children with an opportunity to not only hear about God but to understand how the messages they hear apply to their everyday life.” - The Van der Westhuizen Family

What a fabulous outreach to the kids in our community! - The Harris Family

When asked if he’d like to receive the box again, his eyes lit up and he said, “Yes! It is so, so fun!” From a parent’s perspective, “This box has been such a gift. My children have been made to feel a welcomed and valued part of a community that they have never gotten to meet in person. Having something tangible for them to look forward to doing together with this community has helped maintain weekly rhythms that keep Sundays special” - The Smith Family

Watch Connexus Kids Church Online

Here at Kids Church Online you will find links to weekly videos and songs, as well as downloadable at-home activities. We also provide parenting resources to support at-home conversations. We are praying for you and your family and hope that this opportunity to learn together is a blessing to you.


Our friends at Orange have provided us with tools to help you during this time. On this page, you will find age-appropriate resources to help you with conversations with your child around COVID-19, anxiety, faith, technology, etc. You will also find other websites, videos, and activities that we have linked below.


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