The Compassionate Love of Jesus – Journey Towards Easter Day 3

READ John 13:21-32

REFLECT Can you imagine sitting around a table with Jesus when He tells you that one of those who have become your best friends over the last several years will betray Him? That must have been unsettling. You think you know those guys so well, but you find out Jesus is the only one who truly sees us.

God knows your heart and mind. He isn’t surprised by your sin or sinful desires. He hates your sin, but He remains compassionate and faithful toward you. And what is often intended for evil, God turns to good. He is always in control even when it looks like evil is winning in the world. 

Judas was about to turn Jesus over to a group of hundreds of soldiers in exchange for money, but Jesus didn’t fight him. He looked his friend, his brother in the face, told him He knew what was going to happen, and let him go. Like a parent who sees his child making a choice he disagrees with or that even hurts him, Jesus loves us compassionately even when we sin. 

I find it hard to believe that Judas could walk away from Jesus after that and still betray him. But how many times have  I behaved just like Judas? Jesus meets me, I connect with him for a moment of prayer, reading scripture, or in a Sunday service, and then I go and snap at my kids or become angry at a change in the plan.

I am no different than Judas. You are no different than Judas.

You need to hear what Jesus says next.

As you look at this situation, it doesn’t look like Jesus will come out on top. But Jesus is convinced this is a sure win. Jesus declares, “The time has come for the Son of Man to enter into his glory, and God will be glorified because of him” (John 13:31). 

God hates your sin, but he doesn’t wring it out of you like a dirty rag. Instead, He looks at you as His beloved child. He asks you to look to Him, as your victorious, loving Savior. 

Maverick City sings “Your blood made a way… / This is our Savior / Look at Him, look at Him / Our Christ Redeemer / Look at Him, (would you) look at Him.”

You can’t win the battle against sin without God’s help. He doesn’t leave you when you turn your back on Him. He will lift your eyes up to see Him and the massive love He displays on the cross.

BOTTOM LINE God hates your sin, but He remains compassionate and faithful toward you.

LIVE Be quick to confess your sin to God. Ask Him to help you live differently. Remember His love for you, and remember He longs for others to experience His love, too. If you believe Jesus is who He says He is,  wouldn’t you do everything possible to share Jesus’ redemptive love with those around you?

PRAY God, give me eyes to see my sin. Give me courage to then confess that sin to you. Thank you for faithfully and compassionately loving me despite my sin. I pray for_______ to experience your love this Easter.  Show up in their life and speak to their heart(s) that they may respond to you. Amen.


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