Seeing Jesus: When Death Means Life – Journey Towards Easter Day 2

READ John 12:20-28

REFLECT Your showing up today demonstrates your curiosity about Jesus whether you’ve known him for years or are just beginning your journey with Him. 

Curiosity, like the Greeks’ demonstrated in this passage, is a good thing. You are designed to desire God. 

What is interesting here is that Greeks want to see Jesus and in response, to everyone’s surprise, he starts talking about death. His death, but also the role of dying in your life.

Jesus points out that following Him means you will need to walk away from things you are putting your trust in so you can experience what he has for you.

If the Greeks truly want to see Jesus, they need to die to themselves. To surrender their lives to him. It isn’t easy but it is beautiful.

You may be experiencing some pain as you fast this week. You’ve given up something temporarily in order to connect with God.

What are the things in your life, that aren’t moving you towards Jesus? The things that actually move you away from Him? Or maybe there are things that aren’t bad, but they distract you from seeing Jesus? What do you need to die to?

What do you need to surrender in order to see more of Jesus?

When we give these things up, it opens up an opportunity for us to connect with God in a more significant way.

Truly encountering Jesus means He may call you to hard things, but sometimes, things that matter are both hard and beautiful.

Draw near to God and he will draw near to you. James 4:8

BOTTOM LINE When you surrender what distracts you and deters you from Jesus, he allows you to see him more.

LIVE As you fast and pray this week, ask Jesus to grow your love for him and lessen your love for the things that distract you from him. Ask him to reveal who in your life might be curious about Jesus but too afraid to say aloud like the Greeks: “We want to meet Jesus.” 

Jesus came to bring new life to the world, and He now extends the offer of life through you. As we step a day closer to Easter Sunday, who in your circle needs an invitation to encounter Jesus?

PRAY God, please help me to put to death the desires and distractions that move me away from you. Grow in me a greater love for You and for others. Teach me to walk in Your light, trusting that You know best. Make me radiant and courageous so that others will express curiosity about You and come to know You, too. Amen.


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