It’s Gold Medal Sunday!

Gold Medal Sunday

Ever dream of competing in the Olympics?

Over the next two Sundays at Connexus, you'll have your chance! This weekend in Orillia, and on February 23rd in Barrie, you can take place in the Connexus version of the winter olympics!

Our campuses are in full Olympic swing and on Gold Medal Sunday you'll have your shot at the podium! Invite a friend and come join in the Olympic festivities at our campuses!

We have a great in-service competition where you can compete to with a uniquely Canadian prize, and of course Gold Medal honours! Not only that, but we've got some great fun events taking place in our foyers as well!

Don't miss the Olympic fun in Orillia this weekend as we launch our new series “Free” with Andy Stanley, and next weekend in Barrie!

It's going to be a great Sunday! #WeAreWinter!

Barrie Campus

Free – Part 2 – Now You Know | Andy Stanley

We all want to do what's right all the time, but we sometimes we end up doing what we don't want to do. It seems unavoidable. If we can't even live by our own standards, how are we supposed to live by God's? In this message, Andy Stanley explores what the Apostle Paul wrote about God's grace and Jesus' power over sin in our lives.

8.30 and 10.00 am | Galaxy Cinemas, Barrie

Invite your friend to Barrie here.


Orillia Campus

Free – Part 1 – It's Worse than You Thought | Andy Stanley

It's difficult to solve a problem when you don't understand what's wrong to begin with. Many of us have been trying to solve the problem of “us” for a long time. Some of you have lost friends, family, or jobs because you couldn't solve you. Some of you have paid someone good money to solve you. But what if the real problem is that you don't know what the problem is?

8.30 and 10 am | Galaxy Cinemas, Orillia

Invite your friend to Orillia here.


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