If You Knew Then What You Know Now

What is common about a first date, a job interview or first day at school?

1) Everyone of these experiences can bring it's own level of anxiety, uncertainty and awkwardness.

2) Everyone of these experiences can lead to some of the most significant and meaningful relationships we will ever experience in our lives.

Think about some of the closest people in your life; now think about how those relationships started. Apart from our immediate family perhaps, most relationships, whether they be friendship, romantic or business related, started out awkwardly. In order for these relationships to become what they are, you and I have had to embrace the awkwardness of new relationships in order to be able to enjoy the benefit of long lasting relationships.

At Connexus, it is our desire that every person who regularly attends, be in a small group; a group of people where you come together to enjoy authentic relationships for the purpose of growing in your relationship with God. Small groups do that by taking the time to get to know one another; they study the Bible together, they pray together and just share life together. Most of our small groups are formed at an event we call GroupLink.

Here's one person's story about how they pushed through the awkwardness of GroupLink and joining a new small group and why it was worth it.

“Growing up in a house where we didn’t go to church or talk about God, I have had many questions over the years. Starting to come to Connexus almost 3 years ago, I found a church that I was comfortable to go to and didn’t feel like I had to already be a believer to be accepted. When I heard about Grouplink, I knew it was something I wanted to explore, but I was nervous about stepping out beyond my comfort zone. But it truly was the best decision. In the small groups, I’ve been able to seek and ask questions, without feeling judged, and with no pressure. I have come to realize is that we all have a story and that we can all learn from one another, whether you’re a Christ Follower or not.
Getting into a small group was nerve-wracking, especially when I didn’t know what to expect. But knowing that we are all human, with questions and doubts of our own, I have found a safe environment to journey together through finding, and growing in, my faith. I have had the honour of being part of other people’s journey, as well as touching other people’s life with my story. I am truly thankful Connexus small groups.”  – Linda G.

We want every adult to have the same kind of experience Linda has had; so we want to invite you to GroupLink. Go here for all the details.

To register for GroupLink,  fill out a card Sunday morning at one of our weekend services or by email me at [email protected]

Yes, you might be nervous, it may seem awkward, but it just might lead to some of the most significant relationships you will ever know.



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