Playback: Changing What You Think of You – Starting Sunday

“You're not good enough.”

“You should be a better mom.”

“How could God forgive you when I can't forgive you?”

“You're alone and unlovable.”

“No one really likes you…”

Have you ever paid attention to the thoughts that playback in your head?  Would you ever say those things to someone you love?  Of course not!  Why do you allow those thoughts to playback in you own mind?

Maybe you recognize the lies you tell yourself but aren't sure how to change them. Or maybe you're telling yourself lies and call them the truth.  Or maybe you're not even aware of what you tell yourself.

We have one thing in common, most of us have a series of messages that play back over and over in our mind that impact how we see ourselves, our world and our God.

In this brand new series starting Sunday August 9th at our Barrie campus, we'll look at how changing your mind could change your life.

Hope you'll be there, and bring a friend!

Barrie Location

Playback — Part 1 — It's All in Your Mind | Carey Nieuwhof

Ask any professional athlete. The biggest battle is never on the field, the fairway, the diamond or rink: it’s in your mind. In part one of this series, we’ll look at what you think, and why what you think matters more than you think.  Changing your mind can change your life.

9.00 and 10.30 am | 20 Mills Road, Barrie

Orillia Location

Ask It — Part 6 — The Beginning | Andy Stanley

You are painting a picture entitled Your Life. It’s made up of a series of decisions. And you don’t get to hide your early endeavors in the attic. You get only one canvas. Will you do it yourself or will you let someone guide your hand?

9.00 and 10.30 am | Galaxy Cinemas, Orillia

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