How you can volunteer to help someone today

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It’s a privilege to have you as a part of what God is doing in our church. In the midst of this crisis, lives are being changed.  pandemic volunteer

I also know that you want to help. Maybe you would typically volunteer at a Connexus location as a part of your week, and you are currently missing your opportunity to volunteer on the team during the pandemic.

At Connexus we value the opportunity to take the low place and serve others. Well, I wanted to share a few ways that you can help out this week, even right now! 

Here are four simple ways you can volunteer this week and really help those in your community know that there is a God who is in their corner.

1. Do this one thing, and you won’t believe what happens.

Leslie and I are seeing firsthand how people can be impacted by one share online. We have people joining us on Sunday who we never expected to see. God is moving. 

So take time this week and share the service online. Who knows who will connect? Maybe it’s an old friend who you’ve invited to join you at a location before but something always seemed to come up? Maybe it’s someone you wouldn’t normally invite to a physical service? This could be an easier step for them to watch online from the comfort of their own space.

2. Turn unique times into unique opportunities to be FOR a neighbour or friend.

Let’s continue to be FOR those around us. Though the guidelines around social distancing remain – it doesn’t mean we need to stop reaching out to those around us and stepping into their corner.

  • Encourage a colleague who is struggling to work from home
  • Send a short text or flowers to someone on a hard day
  • Think of a grade 8 or 12 grad and ship them a gift or plan a parade for them

Serving those around us in practical ways may mean a bit of creative thinking, but I know that God is using this unique time in ways we never could have imagined as a result of that very creativity! 

3. Chat with people in our virtual lobby and make them feel welcome.

You can do this by joining the chat rooms during any live broadcasts, including Sunday services. The more people chatting on YouTube and Facebook, the better the guest experience for our first-time guests who are trying to get a feel for what our church is about. Think about it like the lobby to the online experience – chatting in the chat rooms is like putting on an orange guest services t-shirt and greeting our friends new and old! I’ve found it’s best if you can volunteer in the chats at a different service than you watch with your family. Just like you would on a Sunday at one of our locations. volunteer pandemic

4. Don’t forget this powerful opportunity to pray.

We are seeing new guests, people come to Christ, and so many opportunities to connect people who are alone. Join our team in praying for those who are struggling with being home for so long, or for those who are working so much in their new circumstances they feel like they have nothing left in the tank. So many around us are hurting and struggling in different ways. Pray that they would experience the hope of Jesus in new and meaningful ways. Prayer can be the most powerful thing you do.

In a time of discouragement and continued uncertainty, I’m so encouraged that the hope of Jesus is spreading through our church as you step out to be the church as we go. Let’s continue to have BIG, BOLD hearts for people. Let’s keep making His name famous in people’s lives around us.


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