How Serving Makes People Feel Like They Belong [ONBOARD]

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As we continue to get excited about our OnBoard night, we are pleased to share about some more of our amazing volunteers.

Our volunteers are the best!  They continually give us reasons to be thankful for all they do.  Don't believe us?  Meet Jim & Catherine!  They make everyone who comes to Connexus feel like they belong, and we are so grateful for them!

Jim and Catherine, tell us a little bit about yourselves and how you came to Connexus.

Our daughter started going to Connexus in 2007 with a family that lived across from us. We both worked on Sundays and did not have the time to go. She continued to go every Sunday with this family. In the summer of 2011, we both had weekends off and decided to go. We have been going ever since!!! Catherine started serving in the summer of 2012 and Jim started in December 2012.

Jim and Catherine have a true heart for serving others!

Catherine serves with the First Impression Team and Jim is in Waumba Land. Catherine loves seeing the excitement of the kids when they are coming into the environment. Catherine also likes asking the children about their week away from church. Jim absolutely loves his time with the babies!!! He loves to see the changes in them every week. He also likes to read to them, play with them (especially with the dolls) and hold them!

We love having them both on our serving teams.  By serving not only do they help others grow in their faith, but Jim and Catherine believe they have grown in their faith as well.

I think that we both have grown in our faith by serving at Connexus because we are giving back in a way that Jesus feels is right for us. We have never put much thought into giving back, but Connexus has given us a place to do that.

We couldn't agree more!  Giving back by serving is such a great way to take part in the mission here at Connexus.  It is clear that Jim and Catherine are excited about seeing others grow in relationship with Jesus.

We think seeing what is being done in the children's environment every week is very exciting. It is neat to see so many children being touched by God's word and they are excited about it. We love to meet new families and make them feel like this is where they belong. Seeing the same faces every week is also exciting because it means that the parents feel comfortable leaving their children in the various environments.

And they encourage everyone to serve!

We would tell a friend that it is the best thing in the world to serve! We think that what we do every week is helping us to become better Christians. Seeing the smiling faces of the children every Sunday makes serving very easy. We also know that what we are doing every week puts a smile on our faces for the rest of the week and we can't wait until the next Sunday.

If hearing how much Jim and Catherine love to serve has got you excited at the possibility, we have just the thing for YOU!  Join us on June 6th for our OnBoard night where you can learn about the many different serving opportunities we have here at Connexus.  You won't want to miss it!



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