How Serving Is Fulfilling [ONBOARD]

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As we prepare for our On Board party only a week away, we are thrilled and overwhelmed by your response!  We think we have some of the best volunteers around, and we can't wait to get to know you too!

Today we would love to introduce you to another one of our excellent volunteers, meet Rick.

Rick Bouchard

I'm originally from Timmins, Ontario. I used to work at a metallurgical site for 23 years and was a long time member at First Baptist Church where I served as worship leader and on the audio team. In June 2010 I lost my job due to my plant shutting down permanently. This was when my wife Tammy and I decided it was time to go and see what God had in store for us in this new chapter of life. Our destination was Cambridge, Ontario where I was accepted at Heritage Bible College to study worship arts, however a few obstacles stood in our way.  One was financial and the other was not being able to find a home. Feeling a bit frustrated we moved in with Tammy's brother in Barrie until we could figure things out. After a few months we felt peace in our hearts about staying in Barrie . It wasn't long before we found a good home, moved in, and we both found jobs!  On suggestion from a friend we checked out Connexus and felt in our hearts that it was where we were supposed to be.

We are grateful that Rick's journey led him to Connexus!  He serves on the production team as an audio engineer and occasionally on the worship team as well.

My job is to make Andy and the crew sound like rock stars!  I love doing this on Sundays and being part of an awesome team of volunteers who have a passion for serving our Lord and reaching out to the unchurched.

And Rick does a great job at making services on Sunday an awesome experience that people want to come back to!  He has even found that serving has grown his own faith as well.

Since attending Connexus, my eyes have been opened to how much of a religious person I've been over the years.  Now I've become much more people focused and enjoy the emphasis on reaching out to our unchurched community.

This is such an important part of Connexus and we love that Rick is on board with it!

I believe Connexus is just beginning.  I love the vision our leadership has going forward to reach the approximately 200,000 people in our area!  We inevitably will face challenges as we continue but with God's help all things are possible!

We agree!  We hope that anyone who becomes involved in serving at Connexus feels the same way.  Rick encourages others to get involved too!

There is nothing more fulfilling in life than to volunteer your time serving such a great cause.  We are “fishers of men”.  We just do it with a lot more bling, glorious rock and roll, and phenomenal preaching!

If you think you're ready to take a next step through serving or want more information, it's not too late to RSVP for the OnBoard party happening June 6th at 7:30pm (doors open at 7pm)!  Simply click the link below to RSVP!

RSVP today for the On Board party!


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