How Serving Helps Us Move Past Our Fears [ONBOARD]

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With our On Board party only a couple of days away, we are working hard at making sure it's a night you won't forget!  We have such an extraordinary group of volunteers and would love to add you to that group!  Today we want to introduce you to Gail!


Immediately that first Sunday I attended Connexus it became home for me. Since that day, whenever possible I look for opportunities to share what being part of this wonderful church and ministry has done in my life. I absolutely love that we are a church that unchurched people love to attend.  You don't have to believe to be warmly welcomed and belong.

We truly hope that is how people feel when they walk through the doors of Connexus.  Gail serves in Upstreet and pours her heart into serving the children with us!

First of all I am so grateful that I worked through my fears of not knowing anything about teaching and followed my heart, because I felt God was leading me to this area of ministry.  Jen and Stephanie have been so incredibly supportive and I am so grateful to them. I didn't have to know everything!! Just a love of the Lord and willingness is all I needed!  I love children. I am a mom and grandmother so with each one of these precious children I teach each week, I have an opportunity to pour my love of our awesome God into them. I learn so much with them and from them, and in addition, I deepen what I already know each and every week. More than anything it is the relationships that have been fostered with these wonderful kids and their parents that I love most about this ministry. My heart just bursts with joy and I feel so extremely humbled when I see my kids walk in each week, because God is using me yet again!

We are encouraged that serving provides so much joy for our volunteers!  We want serving to be a place of spiritual growth for our volunteers as well, and Gail absolutely believes that it is!

You cannot help but grow in your faith while serving.  As I get to know people, and see how God is working in their lives as well as my own, you begin to trust which leads to wonderful relationships.  If I want to contnue to grow, and if I want Connexus to continue to grow and be there for others, as it has been for me, I want so much to do whatever I can to facilitate that growth. For someone who hadn't served until coming to Connexus, I cannot even fathom not serving now.  I love it so much!  I get back way more than I could ever give!!

We are just as blessed by Gail as she is by our community. Here's what Gail has to say to people who aren't serving yet, but are curious:

Talk to people who are actually serving in the area you are interested in.  You will see many were unsure at first too.  The main thing is if you feel God pulling at your heart in a certain area, trust that He will give you whatever you need to accomplish what He is asking you to do, because I know first hand that He will.

And that's exactly what OnBoard is all about!  We want to give you an opportunity to talk to others who are actually serving in areas you are interested!

If you've been thinking about getting involved at Connexus, we have just the opportunity for you!  We would love for you to join us at our On Board party this Thursday, June 6th at 7:30pm (doors open at 7:00pm) to learn more about it!  Click the link below to RSVP.  We hope to see you there!

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