How Serving Can Grow Your Personal Faith [ONBOARD]

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We really love our volunteers.  They are the backbone of our church and a huge part of what makes our vision of creating a church that unchurched people love to attend a reality.  We couldn’t do it without them!

As we gear up for our On Board party we want to give you a glimpse of some of our volunteers that are passionate about serving!

Meet Dandy!  She’s one of our volunteers in Guest Services!  She makes people who come to Connexus feel welcome with her warm smile and gift of hospitality.


Dandy, tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to Connexus.

I was born in Youngstown Ohio.  I have a wonderful 16 year old son named Chris and an amazing husband Andrew who both volunteer in Upstreet and Transit. I have been an Elementary and Special Education teacher for 31 years. My newest LOVE is volunteering at RVH on the Palliative Care floor. I love reading, Starbucks lattes, shopping and traveling.  As a family we traveled to Italy this summer. Our family came to Connexus when it first opened because we were attending the church where Carey, the lead pastor, was previously preaching.                                                                                                       


We love that Dandy is part of our community, and Dandy loves to serve.

I serve with Guest Services and I LOVE it because it allows me to share my gift of hospitality. It is exciting to make newcomers feel welcome and to greet our regulars in hopes that they will LOVE the experience as much as I do! How cool it is to think that my smile might affect someone's ability to feel comfortable and grow in his or her relationship with Jesus!

What a great example of a simple way to make people feel welcome!  Dandy does an amazing job of investing in the mission and vision at Connexus.  We love making a place where people feel comfortable and can grow in their relationship with Jesus. You know what else we love? Seeing  our volunteers growing in their personal faith too.  

Dandy, how would you say you have grown in your faith by serving at Connexus?

My faith has grown because I have developed relationships with other Christians by serving. I LOVE the word SERVING. I reminds me that every time I volunteer at Guest Services I am serving God! From a more practical point of view I also get to be connected to what is happening at Connexus because of the emails, hand out material like the Small Group curriculum, studies, and other resources including the Guest Services team members.

We agree. Serving with others is a great way to see your faith grow leaps and bounds!  Dandy's excitement is contagious.

I am excited because as a family we each have grown in different yet wonderful ways by serving, being involved in Small Grops, and by being led by such an amazing group of individuals!  Carey's messages, Andy's worship music and the Youth Ministry have changed our hearts and souls!

Dandy inspires others to serve at Connexus.  She says: 

Try it out! Step out of your comfort zone! You will not regret it!

Dandy, we are so grateful for you!  It’s exciting to hear that your service not only allows others to grow in their relationship with Jesus, but you experience growth as well.  Thank you for all you do here!

If Dandy's story sounds like something you're interested in becoming a part of, we've got a night JUST FOR YOU!  We would love to have you join us at our “On Board” party on June 6th to learn more about the serving opportunities available here at Connexus!  It's a great way to get connected and help us to fulfill our mission as we encourage others to grow in their relationships with Jesus.


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